Date: October 20th, 2006

Hello everyone,

This is an update on the sitution with the forthcoming film "Bordertown," starring Jennifer Lopez and based on the Juarez femicide situation.

I have been planning a campaign meant to inform moviegoers who come to see Bordertown in the theaters about the real facts of the situation, and many of you are on this list because of interest in that campaign, so that's my reason for this message.

Here's some information about the status of the film:
First, from August of this year:

"I was going to report that Jennifer Lopez's Bordertown, a drama about several unsolved murders of poor women in the El Paso-Juarez areas, would finally see the light of a projector lamp on 10.20.06. Except it's not happening, and nobody you call seems to have a clue when it might be seen.

10.20 is when the IMDB says MGM will be releasing the Gregory Nava-directed drama about a reporter (Lopez) looking into the murders. Not true, according to MGM publicist Jeff Pryor. And pay no mind to the fact that there's an MGM-related Bordertown website either. MGM had negotiations about distributing it but nothing came to fruition, says Pryor, and you can definitely forget about it opening on 10.20. So who's distributing Bordertown? No idea, says Pryor.

Two reps working for Lopez at William Morris said they didn't know either "but why don't you try Warner Bros.?", one said. I did...nothing. I also tried New Line, which looked at possibly distributing Bordertown when they were working in the spring of '05 on the Monster-in-Law opening, but I was told "nope...never happened." A New Line friend told me that Bob Berney's Picturehouse considered distributing Bordertown also, but they also backed off. Five'll get your ten Bordertown will show up sometime in early to mid '07 as a straight-to-video thing. Bets?

Same deal, I'm guessing, for Minnie Driver's Virgin of Juarez, which is about the same subject with Driver playing a reporter digging into the heart of El Paso-Juarez darkness."

next, from an article from just yesterday about the producers of Bordertown failing to pay back a loan they received from the New Mexico State Investment Council:
"Gabriel Reyes, unit publicist with "Bordertown," said the film might be released spring 2007. "

So, I guess we shouldn't hold our breaths. I will try to keep you updated as to the status of this film, as well as other news regarding my film, and the situation in general.
Please also watch my film's site for more information:

thanks to all of you for your interest and work on this issue!


Steev Hise
Director, "On The Edge: the Femicide in Ciudad Juarez"

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