Date: April 19th, 2010


You're receiving this email because at some point in the last 5 years or so you've expressed interest in my documentary, “On The Edge: The Femicide in Ciudad Juárez.” For the first time in quite a while I have some news, in fact 3 news items, to tell you about:

1. Re-release of “On The Edge” DVD
2. Wild Versus Wall
3. Truth On The Line

1) Re-Release
For a couple of years now, the DVD of On The Edge has been out of print and thus difficult to get. After many delays the disc has been finally re-pressed and is available once again to order. The new batch features better quality printing of the cover, as well as an enclosed leaflet describing what has changed with the Juárez femicide situation in the almost 4 years since the film was originally released. Also, in addition to the physical DVD package being for sale, digital downloads of the film and all the extra content on the DVD are now available for the first time, in various formats, for a sliding scale price. Enter what you'd like to pay, click, and save the files to your computer. You can access all of these options here:

Please spread the word – if you know people who had been trying to get copies and were unable to, it's now easier than ever. Thank you for your patience and interest!

2) Related Project: “Wild Versus Wall”
Starting with “On The Edge,” the focus of my film work has almost exclusively been on issues related to borders and immigration. My guess is that your interest in the Juarez issue makes you likely to also have an interest in my other work of this type. One such project is called “Wild Versus Wall.” I was commissioned by the Sierra Club to make this short film in 2008 to inform people about the many environmental problems associated with the hundreds of miles of new wall that have been built on the U.S.-Mexico border. Last year the club asked me to update the film to reflect the current reality: we have a new president, a new secretary of Homeland Security, but nothing else has really changed regarding the wall or border enforcement, and ecosystems and wildlife are still in grave peril. This new version of Wild Vs. Wall is available on DVD or streaming online at the Sierra Club's website:

3) Related Project: “Truth On The Line”
Another border-focused media project of mine, “Truth On The Line” is a unique experiment in combining video journalism with dramatic fiction. Conceived of as a TV series, the first episode was shot last summer and is currently in post-production. The narrative follows a group of fictional characters who work on a television program that reports on border and immigration news. However, the stories on this news show will be real, factual news stories. Viewers will see these stories and will also get a look “behind the scenes” as the characters produce the news, decide which stories should be covered and how, deal with personal conflicts in the workplace, and otherwise live their lives. As I get closer to completing the pilot, the website for the project is already home to lots of related material such as cast interviews and a comic strip that humorously expands upon the characters and issues in the show. You can see these as well as get more information about the project
on its website, – where you can also sign up to get email updates and join the Facebook fan page.

I thank you once again for your interest in and attention to the Juárez femicide issue, my film, and my other work. As always, updates and information about the film is available at and the latest about what I'm doing can be found on my website,
If you have any questions or comments, feel free to get in touch, by simply replying to this email.

All the best,

Steev Hise
Tucson, Arizona

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