Date: February 13th, 2008


The podcast version of "On The Edge: The Femicide in Ciudad Juarez" is proceeding, now in its 6th week and 6th chapter of the film.
This week's segment is about narcotrafficking. Every Monday for 4 more weeks another segment will be available online.
See this week's by going to this link:

For a listing of all the available segments so far, see:
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As usual, more information about the film is available at

Also, I'd like to mention two upcoming screenings of the film in Arizona:
Sunday March 2 at the Local to Global Conference in Tempe (exact time TBA, see for more info)
Jessica Marquez of the Mexico Solidarity Network will also be giving a workshop about the femicide during the conference.
Wdnesday, March 12, the University of Arizona Women's Resource Center and the YWCA present the film, and a Q&A session with me, at 7pm at the new YWCA buliding in Tucson. ( )

Best wishes,

Steev Hise
Director, On The Edge

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