Date: January 7th, 2008

Greetings and Happy New Year,

I'm writing to announce that my film "On The Edge: The Femicide in Ciudad Juarez", will become available, in sections, online over the next several weeks. I'm starting a podcast, so that every Monday, beginning today, one of the 10 different sections of the film will be posted for anyone to watch and download.

The first section of the film, the 7-minute introduction, is available now, at
The podcast page is here:
And to subscribe to the podcast with iTunes or another podcast-viewing application, use this address:

The purpose of the film is to inform as many people as possible everywhere about the horrible tragedy happening in Ciudad Juarez, which continues to this day. Making it as easy as practical to see the documentary will continue this mission. Feel free to spread the word and forward this message to anyone you think would be interested in this opportunity to see it for free from the comfort of their own computer monitor.

In other news, I continue to get lots of interest in the film and requests to screen it from all over the world. As I say in response to all of these requests, anyone is free to show the film wherever and as often as they like. I encourage you to contact me with information about screenings you're planning, so that I can post them on the film website. If you're interested in having me also appear to speak at a screening, that may be possible depending on timing and funding for travel. Please contact me for details.

Other news and updates about On The Edge will continue to be added to the website as they happen:

Thanks once again for your interest in the film and interest and work around the issue of the femicide in Juarez.

Best wishes,

Steev Hise

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