Date: October 11th, 2006

This is an update on what has been happening regarding the film, "On The Edge: The Femicide in Ciudad Juarez." You're receiving this because you signed up to be on this mailing list, probably at a screening of the film. Instructions for unsubscribing are at the end of this message, if you so desire.

It's been a while since I've sent out an update. Briefly, the West Coast tour in July was a big success. The film was shown in 6 cities at 9 screenings, including the Mexican premiere in Tijuana. Approximately 100 copies of the DVD were also distributed during the tour, and I met many many interested and enthusiastic people.
The DVD was officially released on August 8 by Illegal Art. More and more publications are reviewing the film and the word seems to be spreading.

The big news this week is that I'll finally be presenting the film in Juarez itself, at the Border Social Forum. The Forum is a gathering of NGOs and activists from across the US-Mexico borderlands and beyond, modelled on the World Social Forum, but focused narrowly on border issues. I'm excited to be able to show the film there. It will show at the Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez, Building K, at 11am on Saturday the 14th of October.

In related news, the Hollywood film based on the Juarez situation, "Bordertown," is scheduled for release October 20. The film, starring Jennifer Lopez as a reporter sent to Juarez to investigate the murders, is, by all accounts, a typically banal and distorted depiction of the problem, but it will at least serve, hopefully, to bring to awareness many who are brand new to the issue; the danger is that those viewers will not be made aware that the problem is still happening, and growing, and they will certainly not be alerted to how they can help.

To that end, I will be soon be announcing on this list the availability of a flyer that will be able to be downloaded, printed, and handed out at your local theaters when "Bordertown" is being shown. In this way, with your help, those who have just seen the film will be directed to the real story, the real facts, and toward action they can take.

Stay tuned to this list for more updates; for even more frequent and detailed news, keep checking the juarez category of my blog: and the official site for the film:

Thanx for your interest and support,

Steev Hise
Director, "On The Edge"

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